Mushroom mulled wine

Glögi is nordic version of the typical German Christmas market´s hot drink Glühwein. It´s hard to imagine winter without this warming beverage. Rare chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquus), that  grows in cold climates on birch trees adds soft taste to it and is also known for its immune boosting properties.

Estonian version of mulled wine has usually blackcurrant juice in it but any other dark juice(blackberry, blueberry) would add great taste too.

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Juniper hummus

Hummus with juniper(Juniperus communis) has always been in association with the darkest times of the year – winter solstice. One of the reasons is that now there istn´t any other berries available and there is plenty of time to pick the tiny berries hidden inbetween spiky needles. The berries can be picked whole year round but in summertime there are so many others to pick anyway so it might be difficult to find time for juniper.

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