Vegan milk soup

I think that a summer isn´t perfect without this filling fresh milky veggie soup. You can use everything you can find growing seasonally in your garden as most of the fresh vegetable-herb combinations taste great in that dish. Another great thing is that you can eat the soup cold or warm. It´s up to you. And it usually tastes even more delicious on the next day.

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Nordic frankincense + burner(DIY)

I usually start feeling sick if someone is burning cloying bitter incense in an unventilated room. I presume it is mostly due to high wood content in the incense sticks. Traditional frankincense has a nice odour in moderation but it holds too overpowering religious connotation to me.

I do like pleasant earthy scents reminding me in wintertime that there is life somewhere and it is going to be summer again filled with odours of blossoms, trees and dirt.  I really need some familiar smells around me during those cold and dim months.

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