Ivan Chai – the tea that Hitler feared

The name of the tea “Ivan Chai” was coined by the Western World. “Ivan” is a traditional Russian name, while “Chai” means tea in Russian. It´s also called Kaporie Chai by the name of the village between Estonian border and St.Petersburg.

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Päävalurohu smudge sticks

sooksail.jpgRhododendron syn. Ledum palustre is a Eurasian relative of famous labrador tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum). Leaves of  the plants that grow in Estonian marshes are tiny comparasing to the one growing in Greenland and North America.

As the plant has so many names it must´ve been used  frequently by all the natives in those regions where the climate and soils are challeging for all living beings. In Estonia it´s called “sookail” or “päävalurohi”(head ache medicine).

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Living according to nature

I visited my former science teacher Aivi Maandi(78) in her log house with a mossy rooftop on an exeptionally warm autumn day. She is an author of various herbal medicine and natural dyes´ books, which were so popular that it´s difficult to find a copy of them in the book stores. Aivi used to be a teacher of chemistry, biology and geography in Emmaste elementary school. She grew up in a talu(traditiona estonian farm house) in Järvamaa and has always  been drawn to forest as long as she remembers. And being an elderly lady Aivi still feels that way because working around plants is very important part of life as it boosts the energy and makes her happy.

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Raspberry-leaf chai

I tried that famous Russian ivan chai first time couple of years ago and thought I had found another one to call my favorite tea. I used to(still do) love Greek shepherd’s tea(Sideritis) but it isn´t always that easy to find it in fresh quality. I don´t mind classical fermented eastern teas but as I´m sensitive to caffeine I can´t enjoy them in the evening unless I want to stay up until morning. I tryed to ferment raspberry leaves and I totally adore the taste of that tea now.

We have always gathered wild raspberry leaves and sometimes even the whole braches in springtime to make a detoxing and energizing tea. Raspberries are one of the first ones here to open it´s leaves and as it´s growing so rapidly everywhere around the island´s sandy pasture lands and  on natural hugelbeds (et. sakla vallid).


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A green gift on the shore

Recently while I was on a forest walk I noticed something green from the distance laying on the ground. It is not that warm yet and the leaves aren´t open yet, neither it didn´t seem to be moss or plastic waste brought by last autumn´s storms. I walked towards the unknown green object and kneeled down to get a better look. It was a typical glass coffee jar, which I had found couple of time earlier too. Some Bolivian coffee jars with faded but firmly stuck lables, which don´t come off with any dishwashing liquid are still in use.

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Nordic frankincense + burner(DIY)

I usually start feeling sick if someone is burning cloying bitter incense in an unventilated room. I presume it is mostly due to high wood content in the incense sticks. Traditional frankincense has a nice odour in moderation but it holds too overpowering religious connotation to me.

I do like pleasant earthy scents reminding me in wintertime that there is life somewhere and it is going to be summer again filled with odours of blossoms, trees and dirt.  I really need some familiar smells around me during those cold and dim months.

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