Granny´s coconut-kefir pancakes

As far as I remember from my childhood those fatty goldenbrown ‘Granny style'(read: very fatty) spoon-pancakes(lusikapannkoogid) have always been food that was made when there wasn´t much else to eat in the house but some flour in the corner of the cupboard and a bit of fermented milk. Not to mention that there was always some homemade jam there. Raspberry, strawberry and black currant flavours go really well with those spoon-pancakes.

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Coconut kefir

Every time I feel like getting a cold I start craving for savory fermented drinks of foods. Kefir made with coconut milk is actually a bit sweet but has quite similar properties as milk kefir. I like using that drink making varous savory and sweet dishes as it´s always good to get some more good bacteria growing in the gut.

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