Moose marriages

As it is still around 10  ºC at night(warm!) we decided to go hiking. For some reason packing 2 small rucksacks took almost half a day and we left just couple of hours before sunset. Clever indeed! It was beautiful to experience the warm yellowish-orange colours on the trees.


We decided to put up a tent in a small meadow which was protected with spruce trees on northern side and birches on the other. We saw on the map that there was supposed to be a river nearby but apparantly it has been so dry for about a month and it was empty. I fell asleep just as sun went down and the forest woke up… The moose have mating season now and the noises they make sound indeed very funny. I swear, some of them sounded exactly like like some old giggling wizards, who gather in the forest to dance in the moonlight.

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