Easy vegan spelt-bread (sugar free)

Ancient grains spelt, einkorn and emmer have more nutrients in it and are supposedly easier to digest than modern “over bred modern grains.  Common wheat varieties are bred to have large grains and they need more fertilizers for growing. Due to that those varieties are genetically less diverse and prone to plant diseases.  Ancient varieties can grow in less fertile soils and demand less fertilizers.

Field of Einkorn

I started making spelt bread because the avarage grocery store bread in Western-Europe tastes more like cardboard than human food. In addition there is always sugar in it.  Bread with real starter are more like fancy fashion food sold in backeries.

This filling spelt bread came out so delicous that my rye-bread hating flatmates couldn´t stop eating it and backing bread became our every weekend´s ritual.


250 ml warm water

2 TBSP flax seeds

3 TBSP sunflowerseeds

1 tsp salt

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp bell pepper powder

1 tbsp dry starter culture

2 tsp soda

150 g whole grain flour




  1. Mix all dry ingredients and then add slowly mixing water.
  2. Leave the covered mixture to sit in a warm place at least for 12 hours. The starter starts working then.
  3. Bake in the over at 160-170 °C juures ~40 minutes. Try with a toothpick if it´s ready and cooked inside!


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