Kali – a fermented bread limonade

A  bread drink called kali is an Estonian version of slavic fermented beverage kvass with sweet-sour flavor and natural bubbles. I remember stories of real kali street vendors that used to drive around towns to sell that soft drink in a same way as ice-cream trucks nowadays. Unfortunately the kali sold in supermarket´s these days has too much sugar in it and doesn´t taste that fresh anyway. This is a good reason to make it at home.

The bread I used has loads of sesame and sunflower seeds in it but that doesn´t ruin the drink, rather adds flavor

“Although the introduction of western soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi had reduced the commercial sale of kvass in Russia, kvass has been more recently marketed as a “patriotic” alternative to cola, sparking a “kvass revival”. For example, the Russian company Nikola (by coincidence its name sounds like “not cola” in Russian) has promoted its brand of kvass with an advertising campaign emphasizing “anti cola-nisation.” Source: Wiki 


350 g sauerdough rye bread

3-5 l Water

200 g sugar

5 g fresh yeast

maltose or malt extrac(sold in Asian,Polish or Russian stores)

a middles size pot

3-5 l glass jar

suive or cheese cloth

juice of half a lemon



  1. Mix yeast, sugar and maltose in a bowl. If neccesary add a little water.
  2. Cut bread and soak them in a 3-5 liter jar or boil them for 10 minutes in a pot to soften them.
  3. Set aside and let it cool down. Add the mixture of yeast, sugar and maltose. Mix it throughly.
  4. Put on the jar but don´t close it so the gases can come out.
  5. Let the mixture ferment in room temperature up to 24 hours and pour into bottles using suive or cheese cloth.
  6. Add some lemon juice and leave store the bottles in fridge for couple of days to a week for natural bubbles to develope. The trink can have up to 2 % of alcohol if brewed for too long.
  7. Enjoy!


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